Friday, August 19, 2011

Blessings From All Around

We have been so blessed lately by friends, family and even strangers that I thought a post about them was due. :)

Our Baby Shower (Aug.7th)
My wonderful friends, Sarah Cornett & Sarah Rafeedie, threw a shower in honor of Aiden and me and they did such a great job!!!! Everything was absolutely beautiful! I don't have pictures yet, but I will definitely post some as soon as I do. It was such a wonderful time being surrounded by friends and family who are happy for us and who were so generous to us! We received so many clothes and necessities! Like blankets, bath stuff, diapers, toys, books, car seat cover (which is needed in Alaska!) and much more. We were blessed beyond our dreams. :)

Eli got a new job! We had been praying all summer that God would open the doors for a new job and He did! It is with Xerox as a technician and a step forward, money and career wise! We are very excited. Now, the only "problem" with this job.... Eli has to go to Seattle for two weeks of training. We told them from the very beginning that we're expecting a baby in mid to late September. Unfortunately, there is only so much training he can do up here with out the training in Seattle and Xerox can't just pay him to sit around here doing nothing so Eli will be leaving Sept. 26th for two weeks. :( We were given the choice of Sept. 6th or Sept. 26th for the training dates and after talking and praying about it, we decided to go with the later date. Please join us in prayer that Aiden does not come later than his due date, Sept. 21st. We're pushing it kinda close! I'm personally hoping he comes around 38 weeks..... :)

Eli came home the other day with two surprises! First, FedEx's district manager's wife (who lives in Hawaii and whom we have never met) knitted us a beautiful present! A cute little baby hat and booties! Apparently she makes them for all the employees. Secondly, Eli had (at work) helped out a couple of ladies from the State Library, I believe, with some signs and had told them we're having a baby. Well, they came by and gave him some baby books! Brand new and two of them are by Eric Carle. I love his stuff! I was shocked by their kindness and generosity!

May God bless you all,

Friday, August 5, 2011

2nd Anniversary!

I apologize for the long break between posts..... was unintentional, life has just been busy! That's how these Alaskan summers are!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on July 18th. I can't believe it! 2 years really flew by! We kept it low key this year, even though we did dress up a bit. I had to try out my new dress! :) Dinner at Glacier Brewhouse and then Rollo McFlurries for dessert. They are delicious, by the way! We did have a slight problem..... after dinner we walked around the block and upon arriving at our car discovered a flat tire! And to make it worse, didn't have the right size tire iron in the car (who buys the wrong size, I don't know, but very annoying).

Overall, we had a nice day remembering each other and when and why we said our vows.

Oh, and Eli surprised me by getting off work early and helping clear some boxes out of the nursery!

I love this man so much! I am so thankful for him. Some one who loves me, holds me when I cry, laughs with (and sometimes at) me and reminds me that God is in control.

Belly Picture!
30 weeks & 5 Days!

My anniversary present! A complete surprise! It is very comfortable and I love it..... so does LaRue (our cat). She thinks it's hers, silly girl!