Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Worry is something I have always struggled with. Amazingly, every time God helps me deal with it. I tend to go back and forth with trust. One day I'm good, everything is going to work out and the next I am a complete worry wort.
About 2 weeks ago Eli was snowboarding and and crashed into a snow wall (more like ice wall) and hurt his leg. He stayed off of it for a day, hoping that would help the pain go away. Well, it didn't. His leg was all swollen and very painful to walk on. After about a week of this, he went to the doctor and got it X-rayed. No fracture, no nothing pretty much. So we were told to go get an MRI because it could be a torn ACL . A week later we finally got an MRI, only to find out that we wouldn't find out the results till Monday. I was pretty frustrated at that point, because I had to worry for 2 more days! Finally Monday comes around, Eli calls me at work and his leg is fractured. But hopefully no surgery. And now today. He went to an orthopedist who told him his leg was fractured in 2 places and that there was a sliver of bone that had broken off and could possibly get into his kneecap and mess it all up. So now, he is probably going to have surgery to remove it. And of course all of this costs money, which is a huge thing I worry about.
Throughout all of this, I have been like a teeter-totter. Eli deals with this stuff much better than me. I know God will help us through this, but the worry is still there and distracts me from thanking God that it's not a torn ACL which would be much worse. I pray for God to remove my doubts and worries, but it's so hard to just let go.

I Finally Did It.

Hello everyone!
Creating a blog is something I have been thinking about for awhile now. Mostly because I enjoy reading my cousin's blogs who live in TX and I never get to see them, but I am able to keep myself updated on them through blogs. Also, because it would be nice to have somewhere to write all my thoughts and ideas down and I can get opinions from friends and family. Now, for all I know, nobody might ever read this. But I like to think that someone will and think I am an awesome person! :)
I hope to post pictures on here of my life, show ideas for decorating (and hopefully get some ideas), share some recipes and just in general talk about my life and what my husband (Eli) and I are up to.
Thanks to everyone who read this and comments. I know you're out there somewhere and I appreciate you taking the time to make me feel good about my blog!