Friday, June 18, 2010

Marriage Challenge

We have started a new series at church called Sexual Revolution. I'm sure you can imagine how funny and awkward the sermons can get! It's about how the world has messed up our view of sex and what God meant it to be. So, not only are we hearing about it on Sundays, we are also reading a book called 30 Day Sex Challenge, by Paul & Susie Wirth. And the challenge is exactly what you're thinking...... have sex for 30 days (if you are married, if you're not, stay pure!). But it is not just about having sex with your spouse, it's about developing a deeper intimacy with each and God. For each day there is a verse to read and then either some questions about your relationship like, "how easy is it for you to talk about sex", and "what do you hope to gain from this book", or ideas on how to create a more romantic, intimate relationship. And there is so much more I could say about this, but not nearly enough room. Go to to learn more and see what the pastors have to say!

So in the spirit of being romantic, Eli sent me flowers the other day! He's such a sweetie. I had the pleasure of arranging them myself, which means I get to play around.


  1. How very interesting!!! Going to check out that website!


  2. What a cool idea! I'm always up for anything romantic and fun that brings me closer to my spouse. Thanks for the info!

    By the way, beautiful flowers! What a sweet husband you have! (nicely arranged too!)


  3. Courtney,

    In response to your question on my blog, yes, Gwen was the only one who knew what it was. When we had the sonogram last Thursday (2 days prior to party) we had the sonographer put the gender of the baby in an envelope and I gave the envelope to Gwen, who in turn made the cake accordingly. It was really fun not knowing and being really surprised!

    Hope you are doing well and gearing up for Brittany's wedding this weekend. God bless and good luck!