Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Flowers

I had the pleasure of doing the flowers for my brother-in-law's wedding last weekend, July 24th. Unfortunately I only got pictures of the bride's bouquet and throw bouquet, but believe me, everything else was pretty too! For the bridesmaid's bouquets we did orange and yellow dahlias with plumosa, variegated pittosporum and some white little flowers that we get from a local grower (I can't remember what they're called). And then the boutonnieres were orange roses with plumosa (the groom's was a yellow orchid to match the bride) and the corsages were a mixture of daisies, carnations and roses.

The Bride's Bouquet: white asiatic lilies, orange roses, white hydrangea, and yellow cymbidium orchids with some plumosa.

I love the way it turned out! The ribbon we used to wrap it was like burlap, complimented it nicely.

Throw Bouquet: yellow-y/orange dahlias, orange spray roses, white hydrangea, solidaster, with some plumosa.


  1. Wow, Courtney. You are so talented! Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Courtney, you did such a good job! I love all the colors that came together for the bouquets. Just beautiful. Have you ever thought about starting your own company? ought to! I'd love to give you any advice or encouragement if you ever decided to do that. I can only imagine the bouts, corsages and bridesmaids looked equally awesome! It's fun to have another floral designer in the family!