Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Life has been so busy lately! I'm looking at my blog and realizing I haven't posted in a LONG time! Sorry everyone! Here's my post to bring you all up to date!

First off, the BIG news. We're pregnant! :) Haha, yup, it's true. It still feels unreal to me at times. I'm about 9 weeks (according to an online due date calculator) and will be going in for my first appointment a week from today! So excited! Can't wait to hear our little one's heartbeat. :)

Not the greatest picture, but I think it shows my excitement!

The proof.

We've been kinda keeping a low profile concerning our pregnancy on facebook and my blog, just because I wanted to wait a few weeks to make sure it's real and that I wouldn't have an early miscarriage, but so far, so good! And I wanted to tell most people in person, rather than over the web. Don't worry, we'll make it "facebook official" soon!

One of the reasons I have been so busy lately: Valentine's Day! The dreaded holiday for florist. This year went pretty smoothly, Monday was hectic (of course) but none of us pulled late nighters and we had relatively few mishaps! That has kept me busy for pretty much the past two weeks.

Eli bought me a beautiful bouquet of green roses and stargazers! I love it!

Aren't they the prettiest color?

Did everyone else enjoy their Valentine's Day?



  1. Congrats congrats congrats!! I'm beyond excited for you both! I'm looking forward to hearing your pregnancy experience, so post often! Ha! Also....gorgeous flowers!! Sweet husband you have. ;)

  2. Hip hip hooray for being preggers!!! That is so awesome!!! Motherhood is amazing, and I know you'll be the sweetest little mommy! Congrats, y'all!

    Love, Grace

  3. yay for the big news :) glad i got it in person and those green roses are GORGEOUS!!! :) i love them!!!