Friday, April 22, 2011

It's A.......


We decided to use a cake to reveal what we're having (Thanks Gail for the wonderful idea!) and it was so much fun! Not only did our families not know, neither did Eli and I. :) I love that we were able to find out all together. We managed to get almost everyone either on the phone or there in person. Kinda chaotic, but still fun!

The cake, thanks to Amanda Cook.

I love my parent's faces in these pictures!

It's blue!!!!

Baby Aiden Liam's first presents (from Grandma & Grandpa Rushing)

Can't believe we're actually having a boy! That is what I secretly wanted all along and we got him! September cannot get here soon enough!

I do have ultrasound pictures, but not on a cd, so I don't if I'll be able to post any. But Baby Aiden looks perfectly healthy and is definitely a BOY!


  1. Oh Courtney, that's awesome!!! I wanted boys with ours too...and yep, got 'em!!! ;) Boys are just so much fun and I think maybe easier than least when they're little! Be prepared for your little dude to expend a lot of energy and to keep you on your toes! That is one of the most fun things about being a mom to boys...having to keep up! Blessings on you all...especially precious baby boy Aiden Liam!

  2. I don't know how I managed not to see this post until now!! Courtney...I am beside myself happy for you guys! Boys are the best and I just love the name you chose!!! I've always loved the name Liam and Aiden is really sweet too. Will you call him Aiden or Liam? I know the boys in your family go by their middle names. Just wondering.

    You're very welcome for the reveal party idea, but really...I stole the idea from someone else so I really can't take credit for it.

    Happy days ahead for you both!