Sunday, June 5, 2011

Porch "Garden"

Having a real garden is definitely one of the things I look forward to the most when we have a house. I just love all the colors and variety of plants! But for now I will have to be content with my "garden" on the porch. :) Somehow, over the past few years, I have accumulated several pots/planters, so I decided that this year I would put all of them to use! And I am loving it so far!

First Planter: Marigolds
Colors: French Vanilla & Inca Orange

I found this cute wood planter at Michael's for just a few dollars. I love the old fashion, worn look of it.

Second Planter: Lobelia, Mimulus & Lotus (berthelotii scarlet)
Colors: Riviera Sky Blue, Magic Blotched Mix & Parrot's Beak (orange)

I can't wait for the lotus to start blooming! They (the blooms) look so cool and funky!

Third Pot: Dusty Miller & Salvia
Colors: Vista Purple

I LOVE dusty miller and the salvia is a beautiful plant and color, so I thought the two would look great together! What do you think?

So here's my "garden". I have the whole corner dedicated to it. :) Eli was nice enough to move his grill over so I had more room to enjoy them!

From left to right: Dusty Miller & Salvia, Basil Seeds (starting to see some sprouts!), pretty yellow Violas, Wildflower seeds (also starting to see some sprouts), Marigolds, & more Basil Seeds.

I'm excited to see what wildflowers I get. My mom gave me a cute maternity shirt and the tag was made out of wildflower seed paper so that it can be planted. Great idea, huh?

Strawberries!!!! I attempted to grow some last year and didn't have much success, but I am hopeful for this year! Just planted them yesterday, so probably won't see any berries for a little bit.

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  1. I hear ya on the longing for a garden of your own! I do as well! We do have some nice beds at our duplex that we're renting, but I'm reluctant to really plant anything extravagant in them since I can't take them with me when we move! For now, I have a porch garden in pots as well! Your flowers look beautiful! I have 1 strawberry plant and sone basil planted too! You could make pesto!!

    Hugs to you preggy cousin!