Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lydia Mae's Birth Story

Lydia Mae
6lbs 13oz and 20in
Born August 9th, 2013

Uncle Seth is the baby hog!

Sitting here, holding Lydia and it's crazy to think that today is my due date and she is already a week and 1 day old. I am glad she decided to come early, my body was very tired of being pregnant! So, on to the birth story...

Weirdly enough, this story is very similar to Aiden's birth story, at least the beginning. 

I once again used the bathroom when I got up that morning (around 8:30am) and had some slightly pink discharge. Remembering how it all went down with Aiden I started to get excited but then told myself to calm down because it could still be some time before she came. But I went ahead and told Eli, my midwives, the doula and my boss, just to give everyone a head's up. 

Nothing was happening, so around 9:30 I went ahead and got ready for work. Funny enough, it was my last day. :) Got there and my boss and coworkers were all concerned. I think they were afraid I would go into labor right then and there! After I assured them that everything was fine, got started on some wedding bouquets. 

This day turned out to be rather eventful. We had 2 weddings, I was possibly in labor and then our delivery driver was rear ended. My poor boss! Around 1pm I started having some contractions but they weren't very painful and far apart so I kept on working but finally, at about 2:30, they were getting closer and painful. My doula told me to head home, but I was trying to finish up a wedding bouquet and my boss was still trying to figure out what to do about our delivery vehicle so I was planning on staying for about another hour. But when I told her I was having contractions she (and everyone else) made me go home. Literally, they voted on it and had my sister-in-law drive me home right then and there, even though I was feeling perfectly fine! 

Eli came home about an hour later. I was still having contractions but was able to sit down, eat some food and relax for a little bit. Around 6:30 I realized my contractions were about 4 minutes apart and they were super painful. My mom was here with Aiden at that point, he had spent the afternoon with her and was going to spend the night but I had wanted to see him before the baby came. 

I didn't realize how emotional I would be about saying goodbye to Aiden and the fact that his life was changing dramatically. Thankfully he handled the whole situation really well. 

We got to the birthing center at about 8pm and I was 5-6 cm dilated. I had really bad back pain again. I think it was almost worse than the contractions! Thankfully they have a shower with 2 shower heads so I was able to get some relief by letting the hot water run over my back and stomach. A little before 10pm I felt like I needed to push so the midwife checked me and I was at 8-9cm. At that point we decided to go ahead and break my water. After that time just flew by! Maybe 10 minutes later I really felt like pushing and at 10:25 Lydia was born! 

She is just absolutely perfect and we're so glad she's in our life! Aiden loves her, although he's still learning how to be gentle. :)

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