Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dried Flower Wreaths

Here are some wreaths I made at work. After funerals we offer to dry flowers from the arrangements and then put them into wreaths for the desceased's family. We had a big funeral a few months back and we just finally finished them up and here's how two of them came out!

First Wreath: Blue Hydrangea, White Roses, Purple Carnations, White Carnations, Purple Limonium (sp), White Japanese Asters, White Status, Purple Status and Silvery/Black ribbon on a Natural Wood Wreath.

Second Wreath: Blue Hydrangea, White Roses, Purple Status,
and Purple Ageratum on a Natural Wood Wreath


  1. Those are both very beautiful! And such a great way to extend the loveliness of the flowers. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love these Courtney! Do you spray anything on the flowers to extend the life of the color of the blooms? I've made several dried flower arrangements but the colors fade so quickly. These are very beautiful....you're quite talented!