Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a WONDERFUL weekend!

This weekend just turned out to be wonderful! Not only did I get a new car and a couch, but got to spend a lovely saturday morning with my darling husband, eating blueberry muffins and just sitting at the table talking. :) I love easy going mornings like that. And to top it all of, listened to a great service at church about the sabbath and resting. Now I don't feel so lazy sitting here doing pretty much nothing!

And here's my "new" car. We bought it from some friends who are moving to Australia and really wanted to get rid of it. Perfect timing for us, 'cause we have been discussing getting me a car for a few weeks now. I love that it's a Jeep (a jeep was my first car) and that it has 4 doors! I also love the freedom I now have to go do whatever I want, whenever I want. Within reason, of course. :)

And here's the couch! Also bought from before mentioned friends. (Thanks Cornelious Family) And of course it's green. ;) This one is in our TV room and now we can actually have some friends over for a movie and have room on the couch for everyone!


  1. What great new things to enjoy!


  2. Fun! Isn't God good to bless us with those "small" things that make life that much sweeter? Sounds like it was perfect timing for the couch and car! And I agree...lazy weekends with the hubby are the BEST! Us girls especially need those down times just to have a good chat. ;)