Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scented Pine Cones

This was a super easy and fun project! I definitely recommend it if you like scented pine cones. Well, maybe I should put off judging it until the final result is seen and smelled (it takes 1 week), but I feel pretty confident that they'll turn out fine. :) What I like best about this project is that we already had everything for it! Yeah for inexpensive-ness!

What you need:
pine cones
essential oils (we used cinnamon & apple)
baking sheets
plastic bags

First off, gather pine cones.
We just went out in the yard and picked up ones that had fallen off the trees. Isn't my little helper a cutie!?!? We filled a gallon sized ziploc bag.

Next, rinse and dry them off.
This will help get rid of the dirt and other things stuck on and inside the cones. And the little bugs and flies, ick!

After that, lay them, single coat, in a baking sheet.
Or 2 in our case. Now, the instructions I read say the put them on a foil covered sheet, but we didn't and they turned out fine.

Then bake them for an hour at 200 degrees.
This will kill any bugs or flies that may still be in there.

And they should come out nice and toasted.
The pine cones kinda had a funky fall smell to them.

After baking, let them cool off for a few minutes.
Not that their really hot, but I didn't want to take any chances of burning myself or melting the plastic bags.

Finally, put them in a sealable plastic bag, add a few drops of essential oil, seal the bags and shake the cones around so that the oil gets spread around.
We did 2 different "flavors". Cinnamon and Cinnamon Apple. I think put about 6 drops (?) of oil in each bag. Hopefully that'll be enough! If not, I can always add more. :)

Lastly, let them sit for a week.
I can't wait to smell them! I was also thinking that these would be great little party favors or thank-you gifts! Just put a couple in a little baggie or satchel type thing and voila! yummy-ness to share!

Let me know if you try this recipe and how it worked for you! And what oils you used. Orange and peppermint were 2 other oils that were suggested. Maybe I'll have to make another batch of christmas scented pine cones. :)

*Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos. My camera is having issues with the flash right now*


  1. Courtney, these look awesome! What a fun project! Do you use them to just decorate with or do you use them on a fire? Around here Home Depot & Walmart sell them around Christmastime to throw on a fire to make it smell good, but they are the really large ones. I'm guessing you just use them to smell? Either way--it's a fabulous idea!

    I hope little Aiden comes soon so you don't have to wait any longer! :)


  2. I plan on using them for decorating. We have a fire place, but hardly ever use it 'cause our apartment is usually pretty warm! They sell large ones up here, too, which is actually what gave me the idea to make them myself. A much cheaper route! :)