Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whole 30: Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Menu

We survived the 1st week!

Okay, okay, it really wasn't that bad. :) 

It was definitely interesting to see how our bodies dealt with the change. Not that we were junky eaters in the first place, but we definitely liked our dairy and grains. :) And who knew that there is sugar in pretty much everything, including bacon?!?! 

Day 2 was rough. I woke up and thought I was coming down with the flu. At 5am I woke up all sweaty and my stomach feeling off, so I got up, drank some water, ate a handful of almonds, took my fuzzy socks off and layer back down, without any blankets. Finally fell back asleep, but when I woke up for the second time my stomach still wasn't feeling to well. At first I thought I was just hungry so I ate my yummy Apple Bumbkin Breakfast Bake (recipe on my pinterest board, Whole 30, if you're interested!) and then laid on the couch. After a little while I took some ibuprofen and put doTerra's flu bomb oil on my feet. A few hours later I started to feel better and was even able to go to work, but I could still tell that my stomach just felt "off", something wasn't right. And then it finally hit me that it probably had something to do with Whole 30! I went to their website and found this helpful post! Whew! What I was experiencing was normal! Eli also didn't feel the greatest this day, and said he felt very lethargic. 

But now that we are on Day 9 and my body has finally adjusted, I am feeling great! Eli told me the other day that he felt more energetic in the mornings. It is still a struggle to resist my cravings for sweets, but I have discovered that apples and almond butter hit the spot in those moments. And homemade cinnamon applesauce. :) 

We enjoyed all the meals from the 1st week, some more than others, but nothing was gross. I think our favorites were the sausage and cabbage delight, pan fried salmon, and the baked butternut squash. All the side dishes were delicious! I loved finding new ways to cook them, because sometimes salad and cut, raw veggies get boring. 

Alright, Week 2's Menu.

Breakfast: Eggs w/ leftover meat
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: Poblano Stuffed Peppers & Cauliflower Rice (was suppose to be sunday's dinner, but we ended up eating lunch at my parent's so we pushed sunday's lunch to dinner, and dinner to monday night dinner!)

Breakfast: Eggs w/ leftover stuffed pepper's
Lunch: Cauliflower Rice w/ left over stuffing :)
Dinner: Macadamia Encrusted Halibut w/ Salad

Breakfast: Eggs
Lunch: Leftovers or Sweet Potato & Egg Salad
Dinner: Comfort Food (steak and veggies dish)

Breakfast: Eggs, again...
Lunch: Leftovers or Sausage & Cabbage Delight
Dinner: Carne Asada Lettuce Tacos

Lunch: probably leftovers
Dinner: Avocado BLT Egg Salad

Breakfast: and more eggs. Can you see a theme here?
Lunch: BBQ at Church after Impact Eagle River
Dinner: Whatever leftovers sound good

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: Sweet Beef Scramble

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