Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Bike Ride

Eli getting his bike ready to go. We had to buy new pedals and arm shafts at REI to get his bike to work. :)
Biking along the Glenn. Loving the beautiful weather!

We stopped at Fred Meyer's for some drinks.
Then stopped at this cute little stream for a break.

This is one of the cutest bridges here.

And then we saw a moose on our street. Poor thing was limping and was pretty spooked.
I was in a hurry to get this picture before he ran off, but it turned out kinda cool.
Our short little ride turned out to be an hour and a half long and who knows how many miles! But it was definitely worth it. We'll sleep well tonight! :) And I got some sunburn on my shoulders and chest...... oh well.


  1. We went on a bike ride, too, last night with our boys. Texas heat is starting to pick up so we have to exercise in the morning or the evening-even still it's in the 80's when we do it. So glad that all your tests came back clear.

    Love ya, cuz!


  2. Riding bikes sounds like so much fun! Too bad we don't have bikes...ha! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun though. ;) Is that baby moose, or a full-grown one? It looks so gangly. I like your photos of it. Good summer memories.