Saturday, May 29, 2010

Praise God!

I have so many reasons to being praising God right now. Not only is it BEAUTIFUL outside, but it actually smells like summer and I am getting a tan. :) But the biggest reason to be praising God right now (at least for me) is that my biopsy report came back clear! And it only took them two days instead of the five they told me it would take. Amazing! I am so relieved, thankful, overjoyed, etc!!!!!! The only thing I have to do now is get a check-up once a year to make sure nothing has changed. But that doesn't bother me at all. Now I get to enjoy Memorial Weekend and the rest of my summer without this HUGE weight hanging over me and dragging me down.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I was and still am overwhelmed by everyone's love and support. It meant a lot to us. Thank God for wonderful friends and family.

Have a good and safe Memorial Weekend!

P.S. I do have quite the bruise from the biopsy which I would love to show off, but that would probably be inappropriate, considering where it is. :)


  1. That is wonderful news! You have been in my thoughts a lot lately regarding that.

    Blessings, Grace

  2. I am SOOO glad everything turned out ok court!!! :)

  3. Praise God indeed! Yay! I'm so happy everything is okay. You've been in my thoughts and prayers sweet Courtney.

  4. So glad to hear this. Answered prayers!